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The Vaginal Mesh Helpline is seeing an alarming increase in women and family members calling for both medical and legal help. The reported complications range from mild to very severe and some even life threatening. “They are all very similar”

says Lisa Spitzer MSW who speaks to most of the callers personally “The mesh was usually implanted to help strengthen a weakened pelvic floor” Says Spitzer ” In a women the pelvic floor consists of the bladder, bowel and Uterus, The vaginal wall is an intricate system of muscle and ligaments that can weaken from age, child birth or hysterectomy. Sometimes it is just poor genetics. Many women went in for a hysterectomy and came out with a mesh”” Doctors were lead to believe the mesh was the miracle answer”” very often the mesh was used for very mild SUI”” Women began having complications and infections when the mesh began to fail” The symptoms of a failed mesh which are reported to us include severe razor blade pain or pain that feels like child birth, pain on one side of the body, lower back pain, Spot bleeding, inability to have sexual intercourse, Increased incontinence or problems voiding, Bowel related symptoms or abdominal pain, difficulty sitting and infections.” ” It is important women understand they are not alone”” It is reported over 300,000 women have been implanted with mesh devices”We asked what is the mesh made of ” The mesh is made of a synthetic propylene fiber, a stretchy synthetic material.””When it falls apart and erodes it is very painful” She continues ” Women are angry at their Doctors”” many women are going back to the Doctors that put the Mesh in with no help”” They are being told it is all in their mind, just get used to it, We can try to trim it, It cannot be removed, we do not have your records any longer, try physical therapy, It is your fault for coughing, It is because you smoke and cough, get a colonoscopy, it is a tumor, and everything imaginable other then it could be the mesh failing. In October 2008 the FDA issued a warning regarding the vaginal mesh implants to Healthcare practitioners.

If you or anyone you know has been hurt by any Vaginal Mesh, Call us at: 877 882 0095

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