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Vaginal Mesh Helpline Helping women Nationwide

Monday, March 26th, 2012

The Vaginal Mesh Helpline is seeing an alarming increase in women and family members calling for both medical and legal help. The reported complications range from mild to very severe and some even life threatening. “They are all very similar”

says Lisa Spitzer MSW who speaks to most of the callers personally “The mesh was usually implanted to help strengthen a weakened pelvic floor” Says Spitzer ” In a women the pelvic floor consists of the bladder, bowel and Uterus, The vaginal wall is an intricate system of muscle and ligaments that can weaken from age, child birth or hysterectomy. Sometimes it is just poor genetics. Many women went in for a hysterectomy and came out with a mesh”” Doctors were lead to believe the mesh was the miracle answer”” very often the mesh was used for very mild SUI”” Women began having complications and infections when the mesh began to fail” The symptoms of a failed mesh which are reported to us include severe razor blade pain or pain that feels like child birth, pain on one side of the body, lower back pain, Spot bleeding, inability to have sexual intercourse, Increased incontinence or problems voiding, Bowel related symptoms or abdominal pain, difficulty sitting and infections.” ” It is important women understand they are not alone”” It is reported over 300,000 women have been implanted with mesh devices”We asked what is the mesh made of ” The mesh is made of a synthetic propylene fiber, a stretchy synthetic material.””When it falls apart and erodes it is very painful” She continues ” Women are angry at their Doctors”” many women are going back to the Doctors that put the Mesh in with no help”” They are being told it is all in their mind, just get used to it, We can try to trim it, It cannot be removed, we do not have your records any longer, try physical therapy, It is your fault for coughing, It is because you smoke and cough, get a colonoscopy, it is a tumor, and everything imaginable other then it could be the mesh failing. In October 2008 the FDA issued a warning regarding the vaginal mesh implants to Healthcare practitioners.

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Wisconsin: 29 lawsuits filed 2/23/12 alleged Imprelis-caused Tree Damage

Monday, February 27th, 2012

Twenty-nine lawsuits were filed Thursday against DuPont in Waukesha County by property owners alleging that the chemical giant’s herbicide Imprelis has killed or is killing their trees.

The lawsuits contend that DuPont marketed the weed killer

as being environmentally friendly and safe to use and “that is simply not the truth.”

“In its relatively short time on the market, DuPont’s Imprelis has proven to be a frighteningly effective tree killer,” the suits say.

Coniferous trees are particularly susceptible to being damaged or killed by the herbicide, according to the lawsuits.

Among those who are suing DuPont de Nemours and Co. are Summit Police Chief James Race and Waukesha County Circuit Judge Ralph Ramirez.

DuPont is facing similar lawsuits across the country Imprelis, which was first used in the fall of 2010, over tree death and damage.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency in August ordered DuPont to stop the sale and use of the herbicide, which was distributed and sold primarily to lawn care professionals.

Race’s lawsuit states that a lawn care service applied Imprelis to his property in Ottawa beginning in June of last year and that the herbicide was applied five times according to directions supplied by DuPont.

In the fall, a certified arborist examined trees on Race’s property and noted that 25 Norway spruce trees were 75% to 100% brown, dying and twisted, the lawsuit states and that there were other signs of death on all trees on the property.

Trees on a neighboring property also were damaged or dying, the suit says, even though the herbicide was not used on the property. The neighbors, Steven and Janette Zwicke, also are suing DuPont.

“I have 29 trees that are either dead or dying,” Race said Thursday. “I have a group of trees that lost their needles over the winter. DuPont knows they killed a lot of trees. They are not taking responsibility for it.”

The Zwickes lost a couple dozen trees, Race said.

Ramirez’s lawsuit says a lawn service applied Imprelis on the property of his Town of Waukesha residence one time in June and that by October, all eight trees on his property were showing signs of death.

DuPont spokeswoman Kate Childress said Thursday that the company is evaluating its response to the legal complaints.

“DuPont is committed to proper stewardship of all of its products. We are engaged in a comprehensive claims resolution process that fairly addresses claimed damage due to Imprelis,” the statement says.

Attorney Jay Urban, who filed the lawsuits on behalf of the Waukesha County homeowners, said “hundreds and hundreds” of trees have been killed by the herbicide in the county.

“It’s kind of a sad situation,” said Urban, who filed one similar case last fall in Waukesha County. That case was consolidated with cases filed in Pennsylvania, he said.

Urban said he expected to file about 100 more lawsuits in the next two weeks.

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Lawsuit contends Muscle Shoals plant poisoned workers

Thursday, December 22nd, 2011

A lawsuit filed in Colbert County Circuit Court states Bobby Ray Abernathy’s death last year was the result of him being exposed to mercury while helping demolish and an Occidental Chemical Inc. chlorine plant in Muscle Shoals.

Joey James, an attorney representing Abernathy’s widow, Aretha Abernathy, said Abernathy and at least 16 other workers involved in demolishing the chlorine plant were exposed to high levels of mercury.

Occidental Chemical and its parent company, Occidental Petroleum, and an affiliate, Glenn Springs Holdings, were named as defendants along with two employees and three contractors.

The lawsuit contends the defendants failed to maintain safe working conditions for workers who help demolish the chlorine plant, which was shutdown in 2008.

James said Bobby Ray Abernathy was an employee of Shaw Global Energy Services, as were 16 plaintiffs who claim they became sick while working at the Muscle Shoals plant. Shaw Global Energy Services, which is based in Louisiana, has been named as a defendant in a worker’s compensation claim filed by construction workers who say they were exposed to high levels of mercury while working on the project.

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Lawsuit Involving Mr. Heater Corp. Resolves

Thursday, November 3rd, 2011

As the cold weather months arrive, here is news about tragedy in Wisconsin:

DeVere R. Clay, 68, and his wife, Barbara J. Clay, 57, and their grandchildren Erin Briney, 10, and Hope Briney, 13, all of Tomah, died of carbon monoxide poisoning while sleeping in the living quarters of their horse trailers in an Alliant Center parking lot during a horse show. A gas-powered heater used to keep the trailer warm malfunctioned.

The parents of the Briney children sued the manufacturer of the heater, Mr. Heater Corp., and in June settled for more than $250,000, according to online court records. Jay Urban, the attorney for the Briny children, said his clients actually got much more than that. “I can tell you it was substantial,” Urban said.

You cannot see or smell carbon monoxide (CO), but at high levels it can kill a person in minutes. It is the leading cause of poisoning death, with over 500 victims in the United States each year.
Carbon monoxide is produced whenever a fuel such as gas, oil, kerosene, wood or charcoal is burned. The amount of CO produced depends mainly on the quality or efficiency of combustion. A properly functioning burner, whether natural gas or liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), has efficient combustion and produces little CO. However, an out-of-adjustment burner can produce life-threatening amounts of CO without any visible warning signs.

When appliances that burn fuel are maintained and used properly, the amount of CO produced usually is not hazardous. But if appliances are not working properly or are used incorrectly, dangerous levels of CO can collect in an enclosed space. Hundreds of Americans die accidentally every year from CO poisoning caused by malfunctioning or improperly used fuel-burning appliances. Many more people are harmed to some degree each year.

Proper installation, operation and maintenance of combustion appliances in the home are most important in reducing the risk of CO poisoning. Some rules are:

  • Never idle the car in a garage, even if the garage door is open. Fumes can build up very quickly in the garage and living area of your home.
  • Never use a gas oven to heat your home, even for a short time.
  • Never use a charcoal grill indoors, even in a fireplace.
  • Never sleep in a room with an unvented gas or kerosene space heater.
  • Never use any gasoline-powered engines (mowers, weed trimmers, snow blowers, chain saws, small engines or generators) in enclosed spaces.
  • Never ignore symptoms, particularly if more than one person is feeling them. You could lose consciousness and die if you do nothing.

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Georgia: Actos Hearing before JPML in Savannah, GA

Thursday, November 3rd, 2011

The first plaintiffs filing a motion to consolidate made a request for all federal Actos claims to be transferred to U.S. District Court Judge G. Patrick Murphy in the Southern District of Illinois. Other plaintiffs have since filed responses requesting that different U.S. District Judges preside over the Actos litigation.

Takeda – responsible for Actos – has asked that the Northern District of Illinois be deemed the situe for all consolidated litigation because that is the location of the drug maker’s headquarters and the location of many of the company’s records. Alternatively, the drug maker has asked that the Court centralize the Actos MDL in Western District of Louisiana because at least 16 lawsuits are now pending in that district.

Plaintiffs claim that each developed of bladder cancer as a side-effect of taking Actos, and that Takeda neither researched the medication properly nor issued proper warnings about the risk.

While Takeda’s attorneys do not agree with all of the plaintiffs’ assertions, they agree that the case qualified for a MDL consolidation in order to reduce or eliminate duplicative discovery and contradictory rulings.

A schedule for oral arguments on the consolidation motion is expected when the U.S. Judicial Panel on Multidistrict Litigation holds a hearing on December 1, 2011 in Savannah, Georgia. We’ll be attending the hearing that day.

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Listeria outbreak: Victims file lawsuits: Collection an issue?

Monday, October 31st, 2011

“Jensen Farms is not a major corporation that has significant financial assets,” says Fred Pritzker, a Minneapolis-based attorney specializing in food-poisoning cases who is representing two victims in Illinois and New York. “When you factor in the severity of the illness and the number of deaths and illnesses that will be attributed to this in the days and weeks to come, you just know they don’t have nearly enough assets to fully compensate them.”

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Johnson & Johnson Wins Zero Verdict Over Levaquin’s Side Effects

Wednesday, October 19th, 2011

Johnson & Johnson on Friday won a significant lawsuit concerning whether it adequately alerted doctors to the risks in prescribing Levaquin.

J & J is facing more than 2,000 lawsuits from plaintiffs who claim the company was slow in fully warning doctors about reports linking Levaquin to tendonitis and tendon ruptures. In a New Jersey state court in Atlantic City, lawyers for the drug maker told jurors that the Levaquin label had included information about tendon problems since the FDA approved the drug in 1996.

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Listeria outbreak: Victims file lawsuits: Collection an issue?

Wednesday, October 19th, 2011

“Jensen Farms is not a major corporation that has significant financial assets,” says Fred Pritzker, a Minneapolis-based attorney specializing in food-poisoning cases who is representing two victims in Illinois and New York. “When you factor in the severity of the illness and the number of deaths and illnesses that will be attributed to this in the days and weeks to come, you just know they don’t have nearly enough assets to fully compensate them.”

If you or anyone you know has been hurt by the Listeria outbreak, call us at 877 882 0095
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Vaginal Mesh Controversy Brings 600 Lawsuits

Thursday, October 13th, 2011

Ongoing concerns about the safety of vaginal mesh products have led to about 600 lawsuits so far against four major makers of the product, according to a Bloomberg BusinessWeek report.

About 270 lawsuits have been filed just against Johnson & Johnson, with the rest naming C.R. Bard, Boston Scientific and American Medical Systems, which is being acquired by Endo Pharmaceuticals Holdings. So far, none of the cases have gone to trial.

In July, the FDA warned of a fivefold increase in women suffering pain and injuries after the mesh was inserted. Last week, an advisory panel agreed with FDA staff that the agency should reclassify mesh from moderate risk to high risk and require more studies to determine if it is safe and effective.

If you or someone you know has been hurt by these transvaginal mesh products, call us at: 877 882 0095

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The Next Medical Device Controversy: Vaginal Mesh

Thursday, October 13th, 2011

Lawsuits against companies such as Johnson & Johnson are increasing as problems with the implants arise

Marci Sutin Levin says U.S. regulators failed her by not requiring extensive testing before allowing Johnson & Johnson (JNJ) to sell the type of surgical mesh implanted in her in 2007 to hold her pelvic organs in place. Now the 65-year-old New York marketing executive says she can’t work, sleep through the night, or have sex with her husband due to endless pain worse than that of natural childbirth. “The pain of childbirth was finite, and you’re delivering a child,” Levin says. “This was very, very different. It’s relentless, and it’s untenable. And it doesn’t lead to anything.”

Levin has filed one of about 270 lawsuits pending against J&J. In all, about 600 suits have been filed against it and other mesh makers, including C.R. Bard (BCR), Boston Scientific (BSX), and American Medical Systems, acquired in June by Endo Pharmaceuticals Holdings (ENDP).

If you or someone you know has been hurt by these transvaginal mesh products, call us at: 877 882 0095

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