Workplace Injuries

If you are injured while on the job in Alabama, you are entitled to workers’ compensation benefits for your medical and rehabilitation costs, lost wages, and certain other expenses.

Your employer and its insurance company want to keep your compensation and their costs at a minimum, however. Your claim may be denied or they may try to limit the treatment and services you receive. Getting the benefits you earned usually requires the help of an experienced workers’ comp attorney.

Workers Compensation (colloquially known as workers comp in USA) laws are made to protect employees who are hurt on the job. These employees are provided with fixed monetary awards covered under workers compensation, thus eliminating the need for excessive litigation.

Workers Compensation is insurance, paid for by your employer, that provides cash benefits and medical care if you become disabled because of an injury or illness related to your job. All employees are covered by the Workers’ Compensation Law. If death results, benefits are payable to your surviving spouse and dependents as defined by law.

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